He was born in Alassio (Italy) on the 26 december 1937

  • He Studied Architecture at the polytechnic Institute in  Milan

  • He Studied Psychology at the Psychology Institute in Paris

  • Degree in Social Psychology

  • Degree in Experimental Psychology

  • He was researcher at the National Centre of Scientific Research in Paris

  • Studied Ethnology.

1964 He became a painter an autodidact.

1967 Biennial Exhibition in Paris (french section)

1968“Grands et Jeunes d’aujourd’hui”, Museum of Modern Art, Paris

1970  Universal Exhibition in Osaka (Japan)

1976 – 1977 “Grands et jeunes d’aujourd’hui” Grand Palais, Paris

1978  “Vernissages” exibition of drawings by the art critic Jounod, Lausanne

1979 “Petits formats des Grands et jeunes maětres” Hotel Drouot, Paris



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